What are people saying about ThirdTemple?

“I really love this piece of music. The arrangement is very unusual as is the instrumental palate, but it’s also strangely beautiful! … Very original and moving composition.”
Re Song: Flowers for my Wife, Taxi A&R Reviewer #174

“…Sounds like a slice of the soundtrack for CSI,, sound efx. grooves, arrangements and overall production.. good direction.” “… Kinetic and animated”
Re Song: Alacrity, Taxi A&R Reviewer #27

“…Evocative sound design and gentle piano meanderings.”
Re Song: Hugs, Taxi A&R Reviewer

“Intriguing and appealing …something that leads the listener into the composition with its naivete, sweet romanticism, and hypnotic repetition. Atmospheric and evocative. Effective use of reverb to create space and depth. Electronica touches paint an attractive, alien landscape. Reminiscent of some tracks by seminal ambient New Age artist Steve Roach.”
Re Song: Flowers for my Wife, Taxi A&R Reviewer #193

“…Good musicianship and sound.”
Re Song: Coat of Colors, Taxi A&R Reviewer #173

“…Very cool syncopation and a dynamite melodic theme”
Re Song: Peering Through Windows Mix, Taxi A&R Reviewer #174

“…ThirdTemple’s techno sound ranges from hard to instrumental, from experimental to introspective. ThirdTemple takes this and many other inspirations, external and original, to create sound that defines a new space entirely its own. Experience the entirely unique spectrum of ThirdTemple.”
Abraham B.

“…Great Stuff!”
Ben Bresky, Israel National Radio

“…wheeeeew, blew me away”
Shlomo A.

“…ThirdTemple is by far for the old school and the new school. I love it!”
Ilana-Michaella E.

“…music for the soul”
Esther C.

“…Masters of time’ stands out! …a great dance hit.”
Carole L.

“…smart stuff, fun!”
AK Rockefeller

“…beautifully programmed and mixed ideas here Raphael. love the breakbeatish glitchyness of “2 Birds”. Sweet grooves!! ”

“…Nice beats man!…Definetly hear the old Crystal Method in there ;)”

“…BIG UP from Saskatoon!”
Loop Bias

“…You rock!”
Ingo Gabriel

“…Great music ! i like your style.
Greetings from Buenos Aires”

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